long cell

Long link chain D2

  • Long link side welded chain, made according to the DIN 5685C norm, in the diameter range from ø 2 mm do ø 8 mm
  • Raw
  • Electrogalvanized ( white or yellow )
  • Technical parameters and dimensions are presented after phone consultation 12 357-53-87
NOTE! There is a possibility of cutting into varied segments, making any new crafted article according to the given pattern. Our solutions save time and material ( waste of cutted links, the rests, undersized remains from rolls )
Wire diameters ø (mm)Link diameters AxB (± 1mm)Symbol
2,0 22x4 ŁAZ 2,0
3,0 27x6 ŁAZ 3,0
4,0 32x8 ŁAZ 4,0
5,0 35x9 ŁAZ 5,0
6,0 42x11 ŁAZ 6,0
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